Hall of Fame committee is now accepting nominations for the Colonie Central High School Hall of Fame

The Board of Education Hall of Fame committee is now accepting nominations for the Colonie Central high School Hall of Fame Class of 2020.  Deadline to submit applications is April 1.  The Board of Education selection committee will meet later that month to make its selections and Hall of Fame inductees will be announced in June.

Since 1994, more than 65 graduates have been honored in the Colonie Central High School Hall of Fame. The inductees represent a variety of high school classes and accomplishments. In 2010, a new Military Wing was added to the Hall of Fame – dedicated to those CCHS graduates who lost their lives while on active duty.

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to identify role models for CCHS students and to illustrate to them that South Colonie Schools provide the educational foundation necessary to build a successful life.

Hall of Fame inductees:

  • Are recognized at commencement exercises each year.
  • Are honored guests at a reception for the inductees and family.
  • March in the graduation processional on their induction year.
  • Are recognized on stage in front of all graduates, their families and invited guests.
  • Are honored with a portrait and biography proudly displayed on a plaque in the Hall of Fame hallway at Colonie Central High School.

Nomination Application

Please take the time to nominate an alumnus or alumna you believe would be an ideal role model for our children here. Hard copies of the Hall of Fame Nomination Application are also  in the office of Colonie Central High School, One Raider Blvd., Albany, New York 12205.

If an application is not selected on the year it is submitted it remains in consideration for future years (there is no need to resubmit the application year after year).

Nomination Criteria

Candidates for nomination must exemplify the characteristics of honesty, integrity and strength of character that reflects positively on both the individual and the South Colonie Central School District.

  • Students are eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame ten (10) years after graduation.
  • Faculty/Staff are eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame five (5) years after leaving the employ of the South Colonie Central School District and must have a minimum of five (5) years of service to the District. The member must also have had a direct and significant impact on the students and the community.
    The submission of a name for consideration will be made in one of six categories. Nominees in these categories must have demonstrated high levels of achievement, award recognition and significant contributions in their fields.

Medicine and Science

  • Graduates who are surgeons, specialists, and/or general practitioners of high regard or distinction
  • Scientists whose findings have benefited humanity in an important area of existence or who have added substantially to the body of human knowledge  
  • Recipients of distinguished awards in any field of scientific endeavor; etc. 

Business and Professional

Graduates who are respected economists, influential stock market analysts, CEOs of noted corporations or businesses, particularly successful business persons, legal professionals, etc.

Arts and Entertainment

  • Graduates who are well-known or frequently published writers, winners of prestigious literary, acting or artistic awards
  • Influential critics
  • Recognized musicians or composers
  • Media celebrities; etc.

Humanitarian and Service

Graduates who have rendered consistent and significant service to the local, state, national or world communities.

Lifetime Recognition

This category is reserved for an individual who may not have attained award status in his or her chosen field but whose life demonstrates high moral character and dignity, or who has demonstrated courage in overcoming extraordinary obstacles in life.

Once a candidate is nominated in a category, he or she will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Exemplary achievements and recognition in their chosen field
  • Outstanding citizenship
  • Exhibits qualities of leadership
  • Has made a meritorious contribution to society
  • The candidate must demonstrate the qualities listed above in a manner that will inspire the students of the South Colonie Central School District in the pursuit of excellence

Exceptions to the criteria may be possible with the full agreement of the Committee when circumstances or events warrant such action.

Hall of Fame Inductees by Induction Year

Read more about all of our Hall of Fame inductees. Members are listed in the order of the year they were inducted.