Garry Family Legacy Interview: Times, They Are -A- Changin’

Three people sit at a table, one on one side two on the other. The picture is framed in a way that the table is in the middle with the lone person in th eleft side of the frame and the pair on the right. The pair listen intently with microphones in front of them and old yearbooks and documents sprawled in front of them. The lone individual on the left speaks to the pair, they have a laptop open and notes on hand- all things needed to conduct this interview. All three individuals smile at one another.
Lauren Pfaffenbach (left), speaking with Steve Garry (front right), and Ben Garry (back right).

South Colonie has published the third installment of their Legacy Podcast series. Last time, viewers gained perspective about the ways in which the school community deeply affects the community at large. This time, we delve into the impact the community has had on the school district, from the perspective of two brothers: a beloved South Colonie bus driver and the youngest person in our district’s history to hold a term on the Board of Education.

South Colonie’s Lauren Pfaffenbach engages in a conversation with the Garry brothers, whose family heritage is deeply rooted in the Colonie area. Stephen Garry, younger brother and former student turned South Colonie bus driver, speaks fondly of his memories of being a CCHS graduate from the class of 1981. He also discusses how his experiences as the child of a local business owner influenced his educational journey. These sentiments are similarly echoed by older brother, Benjamin Garry, an alumnus from the class of 1978. He reflects on the significant infrastructure changes that have profoundly impacted the schools and shares insights from his tenure as a young member of the Board of Education.

Benjamin Garry's professional headshot for the Board of Education circa 1981. He is wearing a suit and tie, underneath his picture reads his titles: 'Tenure and Personnel Committee; School-Community Relations Committee'
Benjamin Garry: Board of Education, 1981.

Both brothers can agree that a lot has changed over the years, they revel in the current students’ access to curriculum and technology, realms that were once mere aspirations during their academic journeys. The impact of these advancements on their own children’s education is a notable point of discussion. With a focus on the evolving businesses and infrastructure within the community, the Garry brothers discuss the many effects these changes had on the early school mergers and renovations.

As they fondly recall memories of their time as students at South Colonie, they reflect on the importance of getting involved and properly utilizing new and exciting resources offered by the district. Both stress the importance of seizing opportunities before the fleeting window of time closes. The overarching message from their conversation is a reminder that time moves fast, change is inevitable, and embracing opportunities as they arise is crucial for a life with minimal regrets.

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