Former Sand Creek Students Unite for Kisling

Two former Sand Creek students, Jack Cronin and Alex Varin, recently came together in honor of their former teacher, Ms. Kisling, who has been bravely battling cancer for over a year. When they learned about Ms. Kisling’s challenging journey, the two sprang into action. They gathered cash donations from friends, family, neighbors, and community members, rallying together to raise over $700 in just a mere two weeks.

Two boys smiling, each holding one end of a check containing the sum of $775, addressed to their former teacher.
Jack Cronin (Right)  and Alex Varin (Left) proudly display their donation to Kisling.

The boys credited their local Shaker Road community as providing them with the support and much needed publicity they required, in order to spread the word about their efforts. Once all of the pocket change and spare bills in the area were located and donated, Jack and Alex gathered up their collection and brought it to a coin counting machine to see just how much their efforts would produce. To their surprise, the number kept climbing. 

Once the two had seen the overall figure, they rushed to the bank to write a check for the amount and address it to their former teacher. Their hope was to make even a small difference in the life of a woman who had given them so much. Through their time at Sand Creek, and beyond, these boys had not forgotten the impact that Kisling had had on them and their education. As a shining example of hard work and dedication, the two boys rallied behind a cause they cared very deeply about. With the support of their community, they learned a valuable lesson about taking the time to support others, and the difference a little bit of effort can make.