Forest Park Students Embrace Responsibility in First Morning Program Assembly of the Year

Students are engaged in their first assembly of the year!
Students are engaged in their first assembly of the year!
ENL Teacher teacher Brianna Gualtieri  welcome Forest Park to the Responsibility Assembly.
Third Grade teacher Renee Matthews shares on theme Responsibility during first assembly of the month.

Forest Park Elementary School kicked off the new school year with a message about responsibility during their first morning program assembly. This week’s assembly took place in the school’s cafeteria, where students and staff gathered to explore the theme of responsibility.

ENL teacher Briana Gualtieri opened the assembly with a warm welcome, emphasizing the vital role these assemblies play in creating a sense of community and shared values among students. This month’s theme, responsibility, was chosen to instill in the students the importance of taking ownership of their actions.

“Character development, also known as character education, plays a vital role in shaping our students and fostering a positive school community, “said Forest Park Principal William Luke. “Research has shown that character building initiatives can have a range of positive effects on students and their educational experience including higher academic performance, improved overall attendance, and enhanced self-esteem.”

During the event, students engaged in trivia, celebrated September birthdays, and delved into this month’s Mindful Life Lesson Bulletin Board project.

The assembly concluded with the entire school reciting Forest Park’s mission statement: Forest Park citizens will demonstrate good character and work together to achieve our personal best.