Thank you for your interest in South Colonie Facilities. 

The District uses MasterLibrary, the online facility request system, for all facility requests. With this system, reservation requests can are submitted easily and will be handled more efficiently. Renters are able to access photos and descriptions, see real-time availability, get estimated quotes and pay online.

A fee schedule for use of district facilities is approved by the South Colonie Board of Education annually. 

Although the process of requesting/approval/management of facility use is now digital, what’s implemented on MaterLibrary, remains the same as dictated by the South Colonie Central School District board policies on facility use. The district’s administrative staff makes final decisions on all facility use requests.

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Facility Use Fees

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Facility Use Fees

Printable Fee Schedule

Group I: School Groups and School Related Groups    

Groups within the district including after school clubs and activities organized by administration, staff, teachers and the PTA. Also includes booster clubs, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, community education, firehouses, Town of Colonie EMS, and school-age recreational sports programs of 90% participation by South Colonie students.

Group II: Non-School Related Community Groups    

Groups and organizations consisting of at least 75% participation by South Colonie residents (includes community-based groups and travel/recreational sports programs).

Group III: Private Groups    

Groups and organizations outside of the South Colonie boundaries and less than 50% participation by South Colonie residents.

Location  Group I  Group II  Group III 
Classroom No Fee  $12/hr.   $25/hr.
Conference Room No Fee $17/hr.  $25/hr.
Library No Fee $14/hr.   N/A
Auditorium (Middle Schools)** No Fee $75/hr.   $175/hr.  
Auditorium (High School)** No Fee $140/hr.   $250/hr.  
Cafeteria (Elementary Schools)*** No Fee  $20/hr. $75/hr.
Cafeteria (Middle Schools and High School)*** No Fee $25/hr.   $100/hr.
Gymnasium (Elementary Schools) No Fee $25/hr.   $125/hr.  
Gymnasium (Middles Schools and High School PIT) No Fee $28/hr. $145/hr.
Gymnasium (MUG at the High School) No Fee  $40/hr.  $175/hr.
Gymnasium (Wrestling Gym or Weight Room) No Fee $25/hr.  N/A
Fields (Middle School Fields) No Fee $15/hr. $25/hr.
Fields (High School Fields) No Fee $19/hr. N/A
Fields (Tennis Courts) No Fee  $15/hr.   N/A
Fields (Football Stadium), No Fee $28/hr.**** $125hr.****
Fields (High School Track) No Fee $25/hr.**** $125/hr.****
Fields (Outdoor Batting Cages) No Fee  $25/hr.  $50/hr.
Playground (Elementary Schools) No Fee  $10/hr.  $15/hr.
Parking Lot No Fee  $5/hr.  $10/hr.

*Group I will only incur fees where incremental costs are incurred (i.e. custodial). 

** Special sound, lighting, stage curtains, and other equipment will be operated only by school staff and additional costs will incur***A food service department staff member is required for the use of the kitchen and additional costs will incur.

****The use of lights on the football stadium and track at the high school will incur an additional $10/hour.

Contracts separate from the rates above may be entered into with groups that use the facility on a regular basis. Contracts may include payment in-kind for work performed on South Colonie fields. Groups should contact the Business Office to discuss this option. Superintendent or designee can authorize a separate facilities use fee as needed.

Please contact the Facilities Coordinator at facilities@scolonie.orgfor assistance determining your specific group rate or fee for renting the facilities.

Weekends & Holidays: Facility use is discouraged on Sundays and holidays, and when schools are closed. The high school and middle schools are the only buildings available on a Saturday. The elementary schools are closed over the weekend. Additional fees may be incurred.