ENL program expands offerings at Forest Park Elementary

As our English Language Learner (ELL) population has continued to grow over the years, the South Colonie School District has made strides to plan and provide the best support that ELLs require.  In maintaining this vision and preparing for the 2020-21 school year, it is with great excitement to announce that the district is preparing to expand our ENL program to Forest Park Elementary in the fall. Forest Park joins Shaker Road and Saddlewood Elementary schools as the district ENL centers.

Students who live in the Forest Park Elementary boundaries and portions of the Roessleville boundaries will be enrolled at Forest Park Elementary beginning in September 2020.   This school was the home to many ENL students over the years and the faculty and staff are excited to welcome and teach ELLs for future years to come. 

“We are grateful to our Board of Education in recognizing the need to assist our English Language Learners and their families in this capacity,” said William Boardman, supervisor of special programs. “It is our hope and belief that this expansion will help strengthen the academic, social, and community supports for both ELLs and all students in general.”

Informational letters will be mailed out home to families and students that will transition to attend the Forest Park program.