Empowering Safety: South Colonie’s EAP Night Elevates Athlete Emergency Preparedness

athletic trainer holds mannequin up to explain where to put the pads on a person during a medical emergency.
South Colonie Athletic Trainer Aimee Brunelle explains new AED equipment during Emergency Action Plan (EAP) practice night at Colonie.

In a dedicated effort to prioritize athlete safety and emergency preparedness, the South Colonie Central School District recently hosted an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) practice night. This event showcased the collaborative endeavors of local organizations, coaches and event staff, exemplifying their proficiency in managing athlete medical emergencies.

The event, which took place at Colonie Central High School on Tuesday, August 15 and included various informative sessions and drills designed to enhance the readiness of those responsible for the safety and well-being of student athletes.

Topics included:

    • Role of the Athletic Trainer at Colonie: Participants gained an understanding of the pivotal role played by the athletic trainer at Colonie in guaranteeing athlete safety and overall well-being.
    • Role of the Coach & Colonie Staff in Emergency Situations: Valuable insights were shared regarding the proactive measures taken by coaches and staff during critical emergencies, ensuring swift and effective responses.
    • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): The collaborative efforts between the school and emergency medical services were highlighted, emphasizing the importance of a seamless partnership in managing emergencies.
    • Football Equipment Overview: Attendees delved into the world of football equipment, exploring different styles of shoulder pads and helmets that play a crucial role in athlete protection.
    • Tools Overview: An in-depth overview was provided about the standard and specialized tools available at Colonie and their specific locations.
    • Emergency Supplies: The emergency supplies stocked by Colonie and their designated locations were unveiled, underlining the importance of quick access during critical moments.
    • Removal of Football Equipment: Proper procedures for the swift and safe removal of football equipment were demonstrated, showcasing the dedication to athletes’ safety.
    • Crowd Control: The management of crowd control for ensuring quick response and safe field conditions was explained thoroughly.
    • Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle Access to Fields: Attendees received an overview of the accessibility of all Colonie High School fields for emergency vehicles.
Colonie football coaches explain how to properly fit players for equipment.
Colonie football coaches explain how to properly fit players for equipment.

“The goal of this session is to continue to ensure the ongoing safety of student athletes,” said Aimee Brunelle, athletic trainer for South Colonie.  “By equipping staff and emergency personnel with the necessary tools and knowledge, we aim to empower them to act swiftly and effectively in the event of an emergency.  I want to thank the efforts of local organizations and our coaching staff for participating as this showcases our community’s collective commitment to athlete safety.”

The Colonie fall sports season is set to begin this week with varsity football beginning Aug. 19.