Empowering new educators: Cultivating leadership at South Colonie

a group of five teachers pose for a photo at a table.
South Colonie welcomed 56 new educators during orientation week.

During the week of August 7, the South Colonie School District led 56 new instructional staff members through an orientation program designed to foster thought-provoking discussions, encourage reflections and align these educators with the district’s core values.

With a dedicated focus on introducing these new faces to the South Colonie school community, the initiatives spanned a wide spectrum of topics. From the delicate balance between academics and holistic student support to the importance of showing up to be your best everyday. These topics coupled with instructional strategies and technology set the stage for a dynamic and innovative teaching approach as these educators kick off the school year in the fall. 

“It’s truly an exciting time as we extend a warm welcome to our new staff members here at South Colonie,” said assistant superintendent of Human Resources and Safe Schools Christopher Robilotti. “As we gear up to celebrate our 75th anniversary school year- it not only marks a significant milestone in our history but also signifies the continuous growth and progress of our school community. As we embrace these fresh faces into our South Colonie family, we’re building upon a legacy of excellence and I am excited to see the integral role these staff members will have in shaping the bright future ahead.”

group of educators working in groups
Fifty-six new educators come together for a training session prior to the start of  the 2023-24 school year.

The orientation also provided opportunities for others to share their experience in acclimating the new staff. Board of Education President Brian Casey and Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry welcomed new staff to the district. Deputy Superintendent Timothy Backus then shared an update on district goals and related information.  In addition, several staff and faculty members added presentations and workshops to illustrate the departments and pathways encompassing the district.

South Colonie will welcome students back to campus on Thursday, Sept. 7 for the 2023-24 school year.