Don’t crack the egg; Veeder third graders showcase engineering talents during egg car race event

Proud Veeder students show off their car creations!
Proud Veeder students show off their car creations!

Veeder Elementary’s talented third-grade students showcased their engineering talents today, as they designed and tested their very own race cars! 

Armed with materials and their creative minds, these budding inventors crafted cars capable of carrying an egg while racing down a ramp and braving a collision with a cement block.  It was a race against physics, but the students displayed amazing problem-solving skills and resilience throughout the competition.

The moment of truth arrived as the cars zoomed down the track, with each student eagerly anticipating the outcome. After intense head-to-head battles, we’re thrilled to announce the top winners in two main categories!

teacher helps students set their cars up on the track.
Third grade teacher Mrs. Reeves helps students position their egg cars on the track.

In the “Without Help” category, the students who designed their cars independently demonstrated exceptional ingenuity and craftsmanship. The winners showcased their engineering skills and egg-protection strategies, earning the admiration of their peers and teachers. Congratulations to our talented “Without Help” champions! 

    • Sophia Alescio, first place
    • Maddie Haye, second place
    • Hassen Elamin and Meerab Khan, third place

On the other hand, the “With Help” category highlighted the collaborative spirit of our Veeder third graders. With the support of friends, familyor mentorsthese students showcased teamwork and determination in creating their remarkable race cars. We commend their cooperative efforts and celebrate their achievements as our esteemed “With Help” winners! 

    • Abigail Graham, first place
    • Logan Paul, second place
    • Eva Bangel, third place

We want to extend a huge round of applause to all the students who participated in this thrilling event. Each one of you demonstrated creativity, problem-solving skills and the ability to think outside the box. Your resilience and enthusiasm have left us inspired and proud!

Keep up the amazing work, Veeder third graders!