District Update – Face Covering & Social Distancing

South Colonie Families and Community Members:

As you have likely seen, many of the restrictions put in place across New York State as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are changing.  That said, it is important to note that many of the health and safety precautions in place for schools have remained unchanged by the New York State Department of Health. This includes face coverings (i.e., masks), which still must be worn by all school students, staff and visitors. 

Face Coverings are still universally required to be worn by staff and students at all times other than while eating or when taking mask breaks.  This applies to fully vaccinated faculty/staff/students as well.  

The recent NYSDOH shifts specifically exclude schools from the new rules for face coverings for fully vaccinated individuals, so the decision to continue to require the universal wearing of face coverings is not a local South Colonie decision, but rather an ongoing state mandate which we have not yet been excused from.

Face Coverings are still required even outside, such as at athletic events, recess and end of the year activities and ceremonies.  Again, this is because schools have been listed as an exception to the new rules for fully vaccinated individuals.

Face Coverings are still required for all drivers, aides and students on South Colonie school buses.

Full social distancing, to the extent practicable, is still in effect at South Colonie, even for fully vaccinated individuals, as we have not yet been relieved of this requirement.  As an aside, full social distancing on school buses is a recommendation, but not a requirement at this time.  Our target capacity for buses this year remains at 50%, but this would change dramatically if and when we return to all students every day in the fall with many buses being at full capacity.

Please know that we continue to work very closely with our local health department as we monitor any updated guidance from the New York State Department of Health. As guidance and protocols change, we will provide updates accordingly.

South Colonie Central School District