District demonstrates fiscal responsibility among allocation of personnel costs

On Friday, April 3 South Colonie Central School District received the Final Office of the State Comptroller (OCS) Audit report. The report which reviewed the District’s allocation of personnel dollars between July 1, 2018 through October 31, 2019 found that costs were properly allocated between District and State grant activities for personnel. 

“We appreciate the feedback from the comptroller’s office, “ said Dr. Perry Superintendent of Schools. “Outside review is critical as we continue to ensure fiscal responsibility at all levels.”

The report reviewed the salary and benefit payment information for 14 employees working in the teacher center tracing District-related personnel costs to collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and teacher center personnel costs to support teacher center activity records, accrual lists, time requests, substitute lists, and the District’s policy. The findings indicated that the teacher center personnel costs of $434,790 were supported, properly allocated and accurately reported as teacher center costs.

Additionally, auditors reviewed the salary and benefit payments for the eight individuals working in the Pre-K program by tracing personnel costs to CBAs and payroll records. The final report indicated that total personnel costs of $745,262, of which $358,384 was funded using general fund money, were adequately supported and properly allocated.

Read a full copy of the report here.