Colonie PD Conducts Bus Safety Drills with Transportation Staff

police conduct a safety drill outside a yellow school bus

School bus safety was at the forefront of South Colonie’s Nov. 6 Staff Development Day for district Transportation Department employees. More than 25 members of the Colonie Police Department were on hand at Lisha Kill Middle School to oversee training exercises and mock emergency drills for Transportation staff.

This included classroom and on-the-bus training drills on topics such as how to deal with a gun on a school bus, student fights and misbehavior and what to do about a possible intruders trying to board a school bus. Proper communications between the bus drivers and the police department was also discussed in one of the four separate training rooms.

One drill included a mock scenario of what could be a real life take-down of an intruder on a school bus by the Police Department’s Special Services Unit. The district would like to thank Colonie Police for the planning and execution of these classes. It was an informative and timely experience for all who attended.