Colonie Central High School’s ‘SMART’ Program Returns Strong, Shaping Responsible and Engaged Freshmen

Innovative Approach to Freshman Orientation Focuses on Life Skills and Community Involvement

principal talks to students.
Class principal David Pace welcomes incoming 9th graders to SMART orientation.

Colonie Central High School (CCHS) proudly continued its ‘SMART’ program for incoming freshmen. The ‘SMART’ program, an acronym for “Students Making A Responsible Tomorrow,” was designed to present a fresh and innovative approach to freshman orientation. This distinctive initiative not only equips students with essential skills vital for their academic pursuits but also emphasizes the significance of well-being, conflict resolution, and problem solving strategies.

Initiated during the week of August 21, the sessions offered a comprehensive blend of traditional orientation content and novel topics intended to facilitate a seamless transition into high school life. One highlight of the program is the emphasis on community service, underscoring the school’s commitment to fostering local engagement. All CCHS students are actively encouraged to contribute to the community, aligning with the Colonie’s overarching objective of every student earning the “Seal of Civic Readiness’  from the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

“We are pleased to bring this program back for the second year,” said CCHS freshman class principal David Pace. “The program provides opportunities for students to begin their high school years feeling confident and ready to learn.”

staff and student pose together for a photo at the park.
SMART orientation for incoming 9th grade students culminates with a service day at Schuyler Flatts.

A culminating event of the ‘SMART’ program unfolded this week at The Schuyler Flatts Cultural Park on Friday, August 25 . A group of incoming freshmen participated in volunteer work exemplifying the spirit of community engagement.

South Colonie will welcome all students back to campus on Thursday, Sept. 7.