Colonie Central High School’s iCare Club Commemorates 75th Anniversary with a Commitment to Community

man speaks on stage, students are sitting on stage, students in the audience.Students Pledge Support for United Way ALICE Project and Things of My Very Own

In an opening assembly that coincided with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the South Colonie Central School District, students at Colonie Central High School came together to reaffirm their commitment to community service and social responsibility. During this special event, iCare, known for its dedication to making a positive impact, unveiled its chosen charities to support for the 2023-24 school year.

“When we got together to discuss this year’s charities it was a no-brainer that we chose United Way – ALICE and Things of My Very Own.  These two organizations both share the same core values that not only iCARE believes but also our district,” said Hannah Slater iCARE President.

The highlight of the assembly was the announcement of iCare’s charities of choice for the school year – the United For ALICE Project. CEO of United Way of Greater Capital Region Peter Gannon, who was present as a guest speaker, passionately shared insights into the ALICE initiative, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

The United For ALICE Project is a nationwide effort that aims to provide a more accurate understanding of financial insecurity at various levels, including state, county, and municipality. It provides essential tools, a common language, and a framework to measure and comprehend the challenges faced by the ALICE population. ALICE individuals earn income above the federal poverty level but struggle to make ends meet, often unable to afford basic necessities like housing, childcare, food, transportation, and healthcare.

“iCare’s decision to support the United For ALICE Project this school year demonstrates their commitment to raising awareness about the often-hidden struggles of a significant segment of the Colonie community,” said principal Thomas Kachadurian.  “By championing this cause, the students aim to make a meaningful impact in alleviating financial insecurity among ALICE households.”

In addition to United Way’s CEO, the assembly welcomed Rayn Boncie, the CEO and Founder of “Things of My Very Own.” This non-profit organization specializes in providing crisis intervention services to children who have been impacted by extensive abuse and neglect. iCare will also be lending its support to this vital cause during the upcoming school year.

The students at Colonie Central High School took the opportunity during the assembly to learn more about how they can actively get involved in both initiatives. The message was clear: greatness is a choice, and these young minds have chosen to make a difference in their community by supporting those in need.

“iCares dedication to these two impactful causes reflects the spirit of compassion and social responsibility that runs deep within the student body at Colonie,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Perry. “As we begin this school year and we celebrate the 75th anniversary of their school district, our students’ commitment to creating positive change serves as a powerful testament to the enduring values that have defined the community for generations.”

The assembly concluded with an atmosphere of enthusiasm and unity as students.

Students interested in getting involved with iCare are invited to attend the iCare meetings held on Wednesday after school.

Community members interested in participating in or learning more about our 75th-anniversary celebration can visit our 75th anniversary page to learn more.