Volunteer Opportunities

Why Become a Volunteer?

VOLUNTEER not so you can build your resume, but so you can build yourself

Part of having a great volunteer experience relies on your ability to be a great volunteer. These basic principles good to keep in mind:

  • Be professional
  • Choose a cause that you’re passionate about
  • Find an opportunity that matches your skills, interests, and schedule
  • Honor your volunteer commitments
  • Extend gratitude to an organization for any training or professional development you receive while volunteering

What are the Benefits?

Some of the best reasons to give are the ones you may not have considered the ones that make it worth your while to go that extra step. People who have spent time volunteering for a cause report that they get back in satisfaction and joy more than they ever expend in inconvenience or effort what you get back is immeasurable. You’ll also receive these benefits:

  • Volunteering makes you feel needed
  • Volunteering can lead to learning new skills
  • Volunteering can help you deal with some of your personal problems
  • Volunteering helps you meet new people and breaks down barriers of misunderstanding, mistrust and fear
  • Volunteering can create new contacts that may help your business or career

What in the  World Can I Do?

You might be thinking, “The little bit that I can do will never help much” or “What in the world can I do? ” If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes reading a book to a lonely child, you know that even that small amount of compassion and attention can make a world of difference. No one person can solve the world’s problems, but what little you do can make your little corner of the world or one far away from yours a happier, healthier, safer place to live for those who need your help. Each of us can right a wrong, fill a plate, visit a shut in or clean up a park and that does make a difference for us all!

Volunteer Services Search

Tens of thousands of opportunities are available through these online networks every day. Even if you already volunteer, chances are you will find opportunities that you did not know existed. This website can help you find a great place to volunteer:

Where Can I Volunteer Locally?

Why not Google these places and see what they are all about?


  • Albany Medical Center: Volunteer Services
  • Albany Memorial Hospital
  • St. Peter’s Health Care Services
  • Stratton VA Medical Center
  • Sunnyview – Volunteer Services


  • Capital Region Rescue Mission
  • Equinox, Inc.
  • Homeless Action
  • Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York


  • Albany County Nursing Home
  • Colonie Senior Service Centers, Inc.
  • Teresian House Center for the Elderly
  • Senior Services of Albany NY


  • Best Buddies New York
  • New Visions of Albany
  • Welcome to Wildwood Programs


  • Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission: Volunteer Opportunities
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Red Cross
  • Capital District Habitat
  • Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
  • National Kidney Foundation of Northeast New York
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Upstate New York
  • Volunteer at the NYS Museum
  • The Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • United Way of Northeastern New York
  • Whiskers Cats and Kittens