Clubs and Activities

Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

Research shows that students who are involved in school activities are academically more successful. Participation allows students and teachers to interact on a more personal level than the classroom allows.

Joining Clubs

At the beginning of the year, club members make presentations to the freshman class to explain what the club does. If students have further questions or need a contact, they should visit the Associate Principal’s office for more information.

Clubs offered at Colonie Central High School

  • ART CLUB: Designed to provide an opportunity for students to pursue activities and projects for either school or personal use.
  • BEST BUDDIES: Best Buddies is dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, and social interaction for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The club provides great opportunities for students to break through social barriers and make new friends.
  • ECO CLUB: Involves students in recycling and environmental issues.
  • GSA: This club exists to give LGBTQQA students a place to feel safe and feel fellowship. The club also serves to educate the general school public about issues related to LGBTQQA and events they can participate in.
  • GRAPHICS CLUB: The graphics shop is geared toward students looking for a career in graphic design. The club uses the Adobe Suite of applications to make professional level designs. Students meet with “clients” from around the district and design graphics to promote events, illustrate handouts and change minds.
  • iCAREiCARE is a campaign that, by design, gives students the empowerment of combating harassment, poor decision-making and by-stander syndrome while also encouraging strong leadership, positive interaction with district youths and championing causes or people that are in need of support.  iCARE Web Page
  • KEY CLUB: School and community club affiliated with the Kiwanis Club. Volunteerism is the focus of this club. Key Club International Website
  • LINE & CUE: This is the high school theatre group which presents several productions during the year. Experience includes performance, “behind the scenes” work and box office activitiesDrama/Theater Web Page
  • MATH CLUB: Members will engage in faun, math-based activities that they wouldn’t experience in a typical math class. Activities include puzzles, competitions and games. You don’t need to be great at math to enjoy the experience.
  • MULTI-CULTURAL NETWORKING CLUB: This club intends to help English Language Learners (ELL) integrate into extra-curricular activities and transition culturally and socially into school life and introduce American students to different cultures.
  • NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: Promotes leadership, scholarship, character and service. National Honor Society Website
  • ROBOTICS CLUB: Students can pursue their interest in electronics.
  • ROUGETOR STUDENT YEARBOOK: Rougetor is the CCHS yearbook. Staff participation is open to any student interested in either the publication or business aspects of the production of the yearbook.
  • SENATE: Senate is the group which provides the leadership for all student organizations. The student government coordinates activities and promotes school spirit and pride. Membership in the Senate is elected. All students in grades 9-12 are eligible.
  • SCIENCE/STEM CLUB: Students participate in a variety of experiments and competitions in various areas of science.
  • SWE (SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS)/NEXT CLUB: CCHS has the first SWE/Next Club in all of New York State! SWE/Next is a high school club affiliated with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s SWE chapter. Meetings can be times to make friends with similar interests, meet college students enrolled in Engineering, explore topics of interest, meet guest speakers in the field of engineering, and mentor younger students in our middle and elementary schools. An important outcome for members is that you get to develop a support network for your professional goals before you graduate from high school. Society of Women Engineers Website
  • WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT CLUB: Our goal is to create a safe space for our female students and their allies, to help them to become their best and most confident selves. Additionally, to help other women through community service and education.