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The Counseling Center at Colonie Central High School assists students and parents with course selection, career interest inventories, counseling center newsletters, computer-assisted career and college counseling, college admissions and post-high school planning, advisement, job search information, financial aid and scholarship information. Counseling Center services include the following: personal counseling for a wide range of issues facing teens, vocational counseling, group counseling, career counseling, college counseling, and academic counseling.

Student Counselors
How to Obtain a Chromebook
Senior Sources

Student Counselors (2022-23 school year)

Counselor Kimberly Leva:

    • Grade 9: Student names A-Co
    • Grade 10: Student last names A-Cla
    • Grade 11: Student last names A-Ce
    • Grade 12: Student names A-C

Request an appointment with Kimberly Leva here.

Counselor Raymond Molloy:

    • Grade 9: Student last names Cr-Hi
    • Grade 10: Student last names Cle-Ga
    • Grade 11: Student last names Ch-Ga
    • Grade 12: Student last names D-Han

Request an appointment with Raymond Molloy here.

Counselor Brendan DiLello

    • Grade 9: Student last names  Ho-Mal
    • Grade 10: Student last names Ge-La
    • Grade 11: Student last names Ge-K
    • Grade 12: Student last names Hao-Li

Request an appointment with Brendan DiLello here. 

Counselor Kim Moutray:

    • Grade 9: Student last names Man-Q
    • Grade 10: Student last names Le-O
    • Grade 11: Student last names L-N
    • Grade 12: Student last names Lo-Pro

Request an appointment with Kim Moutray here

Counselor Jill Durant:

    • Grade 9: Students last names R-Spl
    • Grade 10: Student last names P-Sc
    • Grade 11: Student last names O-Sb
    • Grade 12: Student last names Pru-Sq

Request an appointment with Jill Durant here

Counselor Jason Blind:

    • Grade 9: Student last names Spr-Z
    • Grade 10: Student last names Se-Z
    • Grade 11: Student last names Sc-Z
    • Grade 12: Student last names Sr-Z

Request an appointment with Jason Blind here

How to obtain a Chromebook

How to obtain a district-issued Chromebook

Your Senior Sources

Congratulations! Welcome to your senior year. You and your parents are likely to have many questions and concerns as you move toward completing your high school career. It is extremely important for seniors and parents to work with their counselor during this time of year. Please do not hesitate to call the Counseling Center to make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.

NYS Excelsior Scholarship Information/Application

Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature have enacted the nation’s first tuition-free degree program, the Excelsior Scholarship. The Scholarship is making college possible for hundreds of thousands of students across the state and helping to alleviate the crushing burden of student debt. 

More Information on the Excelsior Scholarship

If you are unable to access any of these forms, please call (518) 869-3576 for assistance

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