Colonie Central High School iCARE

The iCARE Mission and History – Students Making a Difference in Their School and Community

iCARE circle logoColonie Central High School iCARE began as an initiative where both faculty and students could have a common forum to express and affect change for the better in our school community. As it stands in a basic form, iCARE is a character building program that uses five cores values to shape our decision making. The ultimate goal is that students and adults in the Colonie community understand and enact the ideologies of: Integrity, Community, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy as defined through the many interactive teachings of iCARE character and community workshops.

iCARE is a campaign that, by design, gives students the empowerment of combating harassment, poor decision-making and by-stander syndrome while also encouraging strong leadership, positive interaction with district youths and championing causes or people that are in need of support. A staple philosophy that the founding iCARE members rely on is: To give a voice to the voiceless. With that being the operating credo, iCARE continues to bring together all Colonie Extracurricular Clubs and Activities by exacting our core values and connecting the community under a consistent and unifying voice.

We also strive to empower the unsung, the misguided and the self-conscious by helping them to realize the power in self-advocacy and cooperative strengths. It is an open enrollment process for any student who may want to get involved with the iCARE campaign. Morning PA announcements, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter postings share our meeting times and places with students. As a member it is expected that you always try to act in accordance with our core values and work to help other students do the same.

The level of involvement required of an iCARE member is based on the time and commitment students can lend. It’s important that everyone know: All students are welcome in iCARE because it is our belief that every individual has the power to make a difference.

Check the Colonie Central High School news and social media feeds often for stories and announcements about the latest iCARE student initiatives.