Colonie Central High School Yearbook Advisors Recognized for 2023 ‘Yearbook Excellence’

South Colonie Central High School yearbook advisors, Barbara Amirault, Douglas Rosenberg, and Sabrina Skotarczak, have been given an award by publishing company Northeast Yearbooks. This achievement was reached due to their diligence and ensuring that each rendition of ‘The Rougetor’ fully encapsulates the values of South Colonie.

The three faculty yearbook advisors being recognized stand in front of a shadow box advertising this year's yearbook. The middle teacher holds the award, while the rightmost teacher holds the 2023 edition of the yearbook being recognized. The leftmost teacher is displaying his customized folder, three of which ahd been sent over along with the award- one for each teacher. They are all smiling.
Left to Right: Yearbook Club Advisors Douglas Rosenberg, Barb Amirault, and Sabrina Skotarczak.

The criteria for winning this award includes high levels of school and community appreciation, student participation, maintaining a high quality in regards to art and layout decisions, as well as making deadlines and fostering positive attitudes. These three teachers have led by example, instilling these beliefs into the young leaders they advise in the CCHS Yearbook Club and have shown students that hard work pays off. 

By guiding the students through decisions regarding community and school events to be highlighted in each yearbook, these professionals teach students how to properly recognize and appreciate the achievements of those within their school and community at large. Sticking to deadlines and doing so with a positive attitude has in turn, taught students the importance of time management and problem solving when it comes to working in groups.

“We really want the students to take the reins as much as possible,” said Rosenberg. “It’s so good for them to hand select events throughout the year that will be immortalized in the yearbook as a permanent part of their legacy within the district.” Rosenberg went on to discuss the impact that receiving a physical copy of a yearbook can have on the students who created it. “It just gives them such a sense of pride to know that the time and effort they put in created a product that everybody can enjoy.”