Colonie Central High School set to Host Resource Fair

Colonie Central High School (CCHS) is gearing up to host an essential resource fair aimed at assisting juniors and seniors as they prepare to enter the workforce. The event is set for Wednesday, March 27, and will take place in the school library.

“The resource fair will consist of two sessions to accommodate the busy schedules of our families,” said Tess McCarthy, CCHS administrative intern. “The first session will run from 2:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon, while the second session will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening.”

The resource fair will offer a range of valuable activities. Students can network with professionals for career advice, open bank accounts on the spot with local bank representativesand evenregister to vote.

“This initiative aims to provide students with access to various resources that are crucial for their transition into the professional world,” added McCarthy. “ Among the services provided, our nurses will be conducting eye exams for students’ driver’s licenses.”

CCHS embodies the district’s pillar of community by offering a convenient and centralized location for students and families to accomplish essential tasks.

“With the recently renovated library as a focal point, our community can now efficiently complete various errands that would otherwise entail traveling to multiple locations across town,” McCarthy added. “The collaboration among South Colonie, the PTA, and the broader Colonie community highlights Colonie’s capability to serve families in a unified and accessible manner. Every organization we contacted was thrilled to join us and grateful for the opportunity to work with our students. This speaks to the strong school and community bonds that exist here in Colonie and moreso, to our ability to put thought into action.”

Organizations that are interested in participating are encouraged to reach out to Tess McCarthy as