Colonie Central High School Library launches library of things; Students can now access various items under traditional lending model

staff standing behind a display of kits at the library
Staff introduces Library of Things at Colonie Central High School.

Colonie Central High School has more than 25,000 books available for checkout on its shelves but has recently launched a Library of Things offering a collection of kits to students using the same traditional lending model.

“The idea behind the Library of Things is to provide our students with experiences and give them the opportunity to try out new things,” said library media specialist Elaine Luizzi.  “Our collection of kits includes the material along with the book which typically includes instructions.”

A display of kits at the library on a table
A display at the Colonie Central High School library showcases a variety of kits for students to check out for free.

From telescope, sewing, photography, crocheting, jewelry making and more — all of these kits are now available for checkout for free at the library.

“If you need something for a one-time project or want to try it out before you buy it, this is a great place to come.”

Right now the Library of Things has about twenty different kits.

The district purchased the items using Title IV funds, a federal program that provides supplemental funding to help provide students with a well-rounded education, improve school conditions and improve the use of technology. 

“We are creating kits that support the school’s curriculum and clubs as well as student interests.  We hope to grow it and that our students take advantage of the offerings” added Luizzi.  

See a complete listing below:

  • Astronomy Kit 1, Telescope, star maps
  • Bicycle Repair Kit 1, Tools and patches for repairs
  • Birdwatching Kit 1, Binoculars
  • Cooking Kit 1, Pots, Pans, Utensils, Measuring cups
  • Crochet Kit 1, Multitude of hooks, tools, and yarn
  • Cupcake Decorating Kit 1, Piping bags and tips, practice sheets for piping
  • Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set Kit 1 – Lost Mine, Everything you need to play D&D with a group
  • Gardening Kit 1 & 2, Tools and seeds for planting
  • General Tool Kit 1, Toolbox with a basic set of tools to use
  • Jewelry Making Kit 1, Jewelry tools, findings, beads, wires
  • Magic The Gathering Game Night Kit 1, Everything you need to play MTG with a group of 5
  • Paper Craft Kit 1, Design pinking sheers, paper tools, multitude of different paper to use
  • Photography Kit 1, Lightbox with different backgrounds, Reflector rounds
  • Seed Starting Kit 1 & 2, Pots, soil and seeds to use
  • Sewing Kit 1, Mini sewing machine, and basic sewing tools and threads
  • Watercolor Paint Kit 1, Watercolor paints, paper, and pre-printed paper to paint
  • Watercolor Pencil Kit 1, Watercolor Pencils, paper, and pre-printed paper to paint