CCHS student participates in innovative theatre Broadway Camp

headshot of high school student.
John Malagrida, CCHS Senior. Photo Credit: Doug Liebig

John Malagrida, an incoming senior at Colonie Central High School recently participated in one of the most innovative theatre training programs in the Capital Region, Broadway Camp at Proctors.

This year, the camp returned with Into the Woods, providing participants with the opportunity to work in the cast, crew and pit orchestra with instruction from Broadway professionals.  Today, we invite you to learn more about Malagrida’s experience and his pathway into performing arts.


Q: How did your experiences at CCHS/South Colonie shape your interest in theatre performance?

A: My love for theatre began in middle school because of how welcoming all the kids and teachers were in Lisha Kill Drama Club. I started from square one, not knowing a thing about musicals, singing, dancing or acting. But my director, Erica Doran, had no problem with that and was more than willing to help me learn and grow, which is my favorite thing about theatre, the growth and seeing improvements.

Q: As part of the Broadway Camp, you had the privilege of participating in skill-building workshops, studio classes, and hands-on training. In your opinion, what was the best part of the Broadway Camp experience?

A: The best part of Broadway Camp by far was the interactiveness with the people in the Broadway scene. We were able to meet and learn from Kerry O’Malley, Jim Kirstead, Bess Glorioso, Tyler Mckenzie and my personal favorite was the dancing workshop we were able to do with Robert Taylor Jr. All these people were very inspiring and incredibly gracious to give us the chance to work with them.

Q: What has been your favorite performance to date and why?

A: Broadway Camp’s Into The Woods was a very fun and versatile show for me being in the ensemble. BUT I do love being in the spotlight as the main character so I’ll have to say being able to play Shrek in Colonie High’s Line N’ Cue production of Shrek The Musical was my favorite!

Q: What advice would you give a student who is interested in joining the Colonie Central High School’s drama club, Line ‘n Cue?

A: Do it. It will absolutely be one of the most joy filling, stress relieving and coolest things you will and could ever do in your high school career. The directors, actors, crew members and set designers are some of the kindest and most uplifting people you will ever be able to work with. You will discover so many new skills you might not have known you have and you will be able to just have fun with it (with some order of course). Also, you’ll be able to see me most days after school! Believe me!! You will not regret it!

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your senior year as it relates to performing arts?

A: I am most looking forward to being able to compete in the High School Musical Theatre Awards (HSMTA). I was not able to make it very far in the competition last year, but that changes this year! I am also very excited to start dance classes with Freddy Ramirez, start up with singing lessons again in school with Tess McCarthy and run for Line N’ Cue President and also the Chamber Singers President.

About Line ‘n Cue 

Line ‘n Cue is one of Colonie Central High School’s longest running clubs. It incorporates students from all four grade levels and welcomes anyone who is interested in being a part of a theatrical team. Our membership includes actors, singers, dancers, tech wizards, production stars and faculty/staff all working together creatively and compassionately. The Line ‘n Cue drama family is all inclusive and welcomes anyone, regardless of previous experience. 

The club also participates in other activities throughout the school year, including Halloween High and Raiderfest, and Line ‘n Cue represents Colonie Central School District in the High School Musical Theatre Awards. The 2022 competition saw CCHS take home Best Supporting Actress (Josie Diodato) and Best Set Design/Construction. Line ‘n Cue is looking forward to another successful year and welcomes all students and staff to become part of our drama family. 

Broadway Camp

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