Reflecting Forward: CCHS played a role in Campagna’s success and gives her reason to stay connected

Close up pictuer of a woman's face. SHe has on a pink headband and jacket and is smiling for the camera.
Kelly (Dillon) Campagna, Class of 2010.

Kelly Campagna (Dillon), spent her time at Colonie Central High School playing basketball and sharing memories through MySpace from 2006-2010. As Facebook was only on the rise, and texting through flip phones was starting to become normalized, the social climate of Colonie Central High School was different than it is today.

Campagna, now a successful talent recruiter, had an enjoyable time during her high school career and made friends that would last a lifetime.

 “There were ups and downs as in any high school student’s life, but overall, it was a great experience,” Campagna says. 

She took great advantage of all the opportunities Colonie had to offer. She played basketball and was captain of her freshman, JV, and varsity teams. She was also Vice President of National Honors Society and a member of the 2010 Executive Club

“These activities taught me leadership skills, how to effectively communicate at all levels, precise decision-making skills and how to work with others. Each of these skills have led me to be successful in my Talent Acquisition career, today,” Campagna says. 

Along with the great friendships she formed, Colonie education had many inspiring teachers and coaches that impacted Campagna’s life. Mrs. Durant, Coach DiBiase, and Mrs. Villa were all influential people in Campagna’s life that taught her so much more than they probably realize, Campagna says. 

With her original path being pharmacy, after CCHS, she obtained a degree in Chemistry from St. John Fisher College, but soon learned pharmacy was not the right fit for her. 

Soon after, Campagna started a career in sales. Later, she transitioned into Talent Acquisition/Recruiting to help others find their right career path.

 “I didn’t know this is where I would end up, but I am glad I did!” Campagna says. 

Though years have passed since Campagna graduated, she still  chooses to continue to be involved in the Colonie Community. 

“When you meet mentors that have helped develop life-changing skills from a community, you don’t forget that. And when you meet friends that become family from a community, you don’t forget that either,” Campagna says.

Campagna shares how she has lost one of her closest friends she made through Colonie Central High School, Kenzie Malone. With the passing of Malone, Campagna’s group of friends started the Dollars for Scholars, Mackenzie Malone Memorial Scholarship in her honor. The scholarship in Malone’s name, now helps so many young adults in the Colonie community. 

“Staying connected with this community allows me to find individuals like Kenzie, who love to travel, be active and give back to their own communities and allows them to continue in their next great adventure!” Campagna says.

Sharing the love and support she felt from the community, and the relationships she has established, are just one of the many reasons Campagna continues to keep in touch with the community. 

“Colonie has led me to such great people, and I want to give back to the community that led me to where I am today,” says Campagna. 

Senior picture of the student who wrote the piece: she has on the classic senior photo black drape-dress, curled hair, and earrings.
CCHS Senior, Cecilia Perry.

About the Author:

Cecilia Perry is a senior at Colonie Central High School who enjoys writing. Ceci plans to venture on to Penn State University next year and eventually pursue a career in communications. Her favorite classes include Journalism and News Writing. She spends her time dancing competitively and dancing for Line N Cue.