CCHS physics students participate in ‘Build a Boat and Hope it Floats Challenge’

CCHS students participate in “Build a Boat and Hope it Floats Challenge” during the first week of school.

Colonie Central High School physics teacher Mrs. Vernold is no stranger to performing magic for her students or using hands-on activities to engage students in learning.  This year is no exception.

CCHS physic students kicked off the school year participating in a fun activity called “Build a Boat and Hope it Floats Challenge.”  Each team of students received one 12”x16” sheet of aluminum foil and their goal was to create and build a boat that would float in water.  The students had to then determine how many pennies their boat could hold without it sinking.  

“This activity was a way to get students to work together as a team, brainstorm, problem solve and invent, said Vernold.  “Students worked on communicating and listening to their team members to create a solution to this challenge.”

Each year students in Vernold’s classes get really excited about this challenge.  “It was wonderful to see them working well together, being team players, and enjoying the activity,” she said.

In the end, one team led the challenge by placing nearly 260 pennies in their boat before it sank.

At the end of the class,  Mrs. Vernold led a discussion about the value of being a member of a team, how there is always room for improvement and how important learning from your mistakes is.

It was a great way to start the school year.