CCHS Launches New College and Career Planning Center

a student and teacher work on a laptop together

Colonie Central High School was proud to announce the opening of our brand new College and Career Planning Center on Oct. 3.

The CCPC is an instructional space in the high school that was created to house, to enhance, and to support any activities related to college and career planning for current students and alumni. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to take part in events in the CCPC throughout the school year.

“The CCPC provides an inspirational space where all of our students can explore career paths and be supported in developing plans to put their career goals into action, “ said school counselor and CCPC Coordinator Kristin Mesick.  “Helping our students learn about career pathways that meet the needs of the job market is really at the forefront of this initiative.  Industry professionals from the STEM and Health Care fields to the Skilled Trades industry will be speaking in the CCPC and sharing their professional experiences with our students.”

Research has shown us that career planning should not be a one-size-fits-all approach.

“College is a critical step for many of our students in terms of their career training and readiness,” Mesick explained. “For others, apprenticeships that offer a salary and benefits while students complete a program of training offers an equally rewarding and satisfying career path.  Our goal is to help our students find a career that they love and feel proud of, that they are good at, and that meets the demands of the workforce.”

Classroom teacher and Technology Department Coordinator John Gehres added, “In our area, there is a shortage of skilled labor and it’s predicted to get worse. The shortage of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, machinists and mechanics can provide our students an opportunity for a well-paying and satisfying career.”

In addition to creating action plans, the CCPC will also assists high school students with finding part-time employment. Senior Meghan Pannone was looking for a job with flexible hours that could meet her needs as a busy high school student.

“The College and Career Planning Center provides an opportunity for students to blossom not only as high school students but as future college students and members of the work force,” Pannone said. “Students need a place to focus on their future to build resumes, learn about careers, and learn about college opportunities.”

“We are very excited to launch our new College and Career Planning Center,” said Associate Principal Lindsay Tresansky. “Many high school students struggle to envision what they will do when they graduate. While we have a ton of supports in place to ensure they are successful while they are in our building, we worry sometimes for our students who do not have access to career resources outside of school or lack a post-graduation plan. The CCPC is a great next step to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to create a career action plan as well as cultivate the soft skills needed to be successful in life.”

Plans for the CCPC in the upcoming school year include resume writing workshops, guest speaker talks from various fields, a Common Application workshop, a Financial Aid information night, and an information session on Health Careers. If you are interested in being a guest speaker, are an employer with staffing needs, or have an innovative idea for our center, please contact either Kristin Mesick at or Lindsay Tresansky at
You can follow the CCPC on Twitter at @ColonieCCPC or on Instagram at #colonieccpc.