CCHS Intern joins South Colonie Communications Department

For the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, the South Colonie communications department will feature articles, district updates and information on the Class of 2021 from CCHS senior Ms. Deeg. Keep an eye out for her upcoming stories and content, as she seeks to share current events and activities from a student perspective. Today, we introduce her first article for district readers on CCHS athlete Paige Canter.

Welcome to the team Ms. Deeg!

Athletic Highlight- Paige Canter    

My name is Jenna Deeg and I am a senior at Colonie Central High School.  I am currently enrolled in the Career Exploration Internship Program and have been given the opportunity to intern for Kara Granato and Rich Meddaugh in the communications department.  

Throughout my internship, I plan to highlight the Class of 2021.  My hope is to get insight on different students’ views of how their last year of high school is going during the pandemic.  This includes how the pandemic affected athletes.  I have decided to highlight Paige Canter, a varsity volleyball player whose season was vastly different during these unprecedented times.  

Q&A with Paige Canter

CCHS senior Paige Canter playing volleyball during the 2020-21 season
CCHS senior Paige Canter playing volleyball during the 2020-21 season

How has the season during the pandemic affected you as a player?  

Being in quarantine and having our season pushed back was difficult because I had to work harder to pick up where I left off.  When volleyball was finally cleared to play, I was excited to be back but I also felt nervous because it had been so long since I last touched a volleyball.  Thankfully after practicing, it got easier for me to get back into the swing of things.

What has been the biggest challenge for you during this season?

Ever since the season started, in the back of my head, I haven’t been able to shake the feeling that our season is going to get cancelled.  Thinking that our season could end at any moment was something I had to overcome, and forget about, because ultimately all that really matters is that we are here right now.  But, my team and I have learned to adapt and adjust to our ‘new normal’ volleyball season.

What has been your biggest accomplishment/achievement this season?  

This year, I feel my biggest accomplishment has been working on my blocking. Blocking has always been something I have wanted to get better at and this year I think that I’ve greatly improved.  Of course, I still have some ways to go, but for right now I feel happy with where I’m at.  

What has been your favorite aspect about playing during such a challenging season?

My favorite part about playing during this season is being able to actually play.  I didn’t think we would have a season at all, which was very upsetting since I was looking forward to playing in my final year.  Being able to have a season also meant I could see my team, which helped with the social aspect from not being able to see anyone in quarantine for months.  

What has playing volleyball during a pandemic taught you?

Playing volleyball during a pandemic has really taught me to appreciate the little things.   As a high school senior, this will be my last year being on the team, so I want to remember every moment. Because of this year’s circumstances, there are many rules we have to follow that include wearing a mask at all times, only allowing two spectators per teammate into our games, and having to be as socially distanced as we can.  Due to these rules, it has shown me that I should have appreciated our previous seasons more, as it often feels that they were taken for granted.