CCHS holds its 39th Annual Craft Fair: Let’s hear from the PTSA coordinator, Kathleen Murphy Plowman 

Row of craft tables set up awaiting the croud- they are in a line along the side of the gymnasium in front of the bleachers.


This past weekend, Colonie Central High School held its 39th annual craft fair. Every year we are eager as a community to participate in this event. We are excited to hear insights about this coveted event from PTSA organizer, Kathleen Murphy Plowman. This article adopts a Q&A format to showcase the impacts, goals and outcomes of the annual Craft Fair.


What inspired you to create this community event?  

tables with various crafts on top of them line the outskirts of the gymnasium. There are people walking around in the middle of the gym looking at all of the tables on the sides.

I wanted to continue the long standing tradition at CCHS of giving back. I wanted to make sure this was a successful –but also affordable– event for not just our school community, but for our neighbors as well. Covid impacted a lot of people financially, this fair allows our crafters to subsidize their income and provides them with a safe platform to express to others their talents.


How do you think this tradition impacts the community?

It brings our community, which can be at times, separated by all the chaos in this world, together for a day.  It allows a lot of our long driven vendors something to look forward to each year. And it shows our young folks that art can speak volumes. It also brings together old friends, who may not have seen each other for a while, since life gets in the way.

How long has the craft fair been going on for? 

This is our 39th Annual  year. Covid gave us a hiccup in socializing but we are back in full swing.

What do you take into consideration while planning the event?

There is a vender selling wood burned slabs, she is speaking with a customer looking at the display. There are many vendors and spectators in the background.

I make sure all vendors have what they need , (proper spaces, and such) as well as serving our customers and community as they come. I Provide those who are new to the crafting world a chance to show off their hard work. A lot of our  current vendors started out as new crafters, and now as veterans are paired up with those just starting out, and they give them some of the ins and outs of our world. I also make sure there is a WIDE variety of vendors to choose from. From our knitters, to clay artists and upcycle options. 

Do you plan on expanding this event in the future?

We would love to expand this event. Being our weather is unpredictable at times, our outside event is reserved to the spring. Always open to suggestions.

What are your main goals for this event?

My main goal is for everyone to have fun, shop, socialize, and hopefully inspire the future crafters.