CCHS graduate continuing a path of giving back to South Colonie

CCHS Class of 2000 graduate Tim Egan and his daughter Natalie.
CCHS Class of 2000 graduate Tim Egan and his daughter Natalie.

The South Colonie relationship with its former alumnus continues to provide strong connections within our school community. Over the past two years, our alumni have been featured to showcase the impact of South Colonie on their lives and the effect it has had on their professional ventures. From professional athletic team executives and entrepreneurs to research scientists  – – we have shared amazing stories detailing their lives and the influence of our district on their pathways. Meet Tim Egan. He’s a graduate of the Class of 2000 at CCHS.

Mr. Egan is a Raider through and through. Not only is he a graduate and community member who operates his own business, he also gives back to the immediate school community. His company, Egan Paving, played a role in the construction of the varsity football field in honor of South Colonie beloved coach and teacher the late Michael Ambrosio. 

In addition, Mr. Egan is a graduate of the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in 2004.

Today, we feature Mr. Egan and share his Alumni Series Q&A with our greater South Colonie community. Welcome to the Alumni Series club, Mr. Egan!

How did your experiences at South Colonie shape who you are today?

Tim's mom and dad (Tim and Carol) are spending some quality time with Natalie and Tim's niece Abigail.
Spending time together is important for the Egan family. In this picture, Tim’s mom and dad (Tim and Carol) are spending some quality time with Natalie and Tim’s niece Abigail.

I was a three-sport athlete at CCHS. Being a part of all those teams really helped shape the person I am today. Being on a team allows you to find ways to work together and that applies to today’s workforce. Also, time management was something I needed to figure out in high school, especially because I had numerous commitments that required me to be on time. I really learned how to balance my school responsibilities and set aside time for myself to decompress. I continue to use those lessons to run my business and manage my workload, while making time to spend with family and friends.

What classes at South Colonie provided you with the insight to build your pathway?

The classes that I enjoyed that set me on my pathway would be any of the math courses at CCHS. I really enjoyed math, as I was good at it and I had fun figuring out various problems. What I liked most about math, was that there was always a definitive answer. When you own your own business, you’re constantly trying to fix problems. Math is similar in that you need to work your way through a problem to find the correct answer. I try to use that mindset when solving problems/issues at work.

Who was your favorite teacher at South Colonie?

My favorite teacher at South Colonie was Mr. Perry. He taught my favorite subject (math) in high school and we also shared a favorite sport: baseball. He was a teacher who took the time to understand a student’s needs. You knew he would have your best interest in mind when you were in school. That’s why he continues to be my favorite teacher/human being.

What advice would you give to today’s student to prepare for today’s workforce?

The advice I would give would be to prepare for today’s workforce and always put in your best effort. Success is just not going to come to you. You need to earn it. Don’t be lazy and understand you’re responsible for your own actions. You get out of life what you put into it. I follow that motto and good things happen because of it!