Capital project work continues

Construction work continues at Saddlewood Elementary on May 27.
Construction work continues at Saddlewood Elementary on May 27.

While schools are closed statewide due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the South Colonie Central School District is continuing construction projects, and in some cases, moving up projects that were slated to begin in July.

As approved by the South Colonie community in the fall of 2017, the South Colonie Central School District continues working toward accomplishing planned facility and grounds improvements, as well as safety enhancements across the district.

Phase III of the Colonie 2020 Capital Project is a $7.3 million initiative that aligns with the utilization of funding from the Smart Schools Bond Act program.  This carefully planned fiscal sequence resulted in little or no tax levy impact while working to address necessary maintenance and facility improvement projects. 

See below a complete list of projects that are currently in progress. The work is a combination of critical maintenance items, high priority safety initiatives, and facility improvements. 

Safety Vestibules

  • The foundation has started for the new safety vestibules at both Roessleville and Forest Park Elementary Schools.  Excavation has commenced and the foundation walls will be formed and poured over the next several weeks.
  • Veeder abatement work has been completed so that the safety vestibule work can commence.
  • Safety vestibules at Saddlewood, Shaker Road, and Lisha Kill are also planned for summer 2020.


The roofing work is being scheduled for Saddlewood, Shaker, and Veeder Elementary Schools pending submittal approval. Once submittal approval is received, the work will commence.

Parking lot and bus loop expansion

Submittals are in the review and approval process for the new and expanded parking lot and bus loop at Saddlewood.  An early June start is expected at this location once the approvals have been given. 

Boiler Work

Replacement of steam boiler system with a new energy efficient boiler system at Lisha Kill Middle school is in the submittal review process and that work is expected to start in June as scheduled once approvals are received.


Other projects that were previously indicated that would start in July include:

  • Safety improvements to the Colonie Central High School auditorium.
  • Safety improvements to the Lisha Kill Middle School auditorium.