Brunelle Receives Thomas Sheehan Award for Athletic Training Excellence

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Aimee Brunelle

South Colonie’s Athletic Trainer Aimee Brunelle has been named the recipient of the esteemed Thomas Sheehan Award. This accolade, presented by the New York State Athletic Trainer’s Association (NYSATA), celebrates individuals whose character, commitment, and achievements in the field of athletic training mirror the outstanding legacy of Thomas J. Sheehan Sr.

The Thomas Sheehan Award holds a special significance, named after a trailblazer in the athletic training profession. Thomas J. Sheehan, during his 27-year tenure as the head athletic trainer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), left an indelible mark on the field. His character, commitment, and dedication to athletic training earned him unparalleled respect, and he remains the only non-athlete to be inducted into RPI’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

“Aimee’s recognition as the recipient of the Thomas Sheehan Award is a testament to her outstanding character, commitment, and achievements in athletic training both at Colonie and through her advocacy work,” said Superintendent of Schools David Perry. “Her dedication echoes the qualities embodied by Tom Sheehan, making her a fitting recipient of this distinguished honor.”

Brunelle is set to be recognized by the NYSATA on Jan. 6, and through the Sheehan Award, her name joins a legacy of individuals who have truly made a lasting difference in the field of athletic training.