Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public and representatives of the press. The Board welcomes public participation at Board meetings. However, such meetings are intended for the consideration of matters of education policy and implementation, and not for the discussion of broad political or social issues.

The Board of Education encourages public participation at its meetings and recognizes its responsibility to hear public comment. An acknowledgment of the public comment will be provided as appropriate. As a matter of practice, the Board of Education does not engage in dialogue/debate during the public comment period. Although the Board of Education welcomes comments about programs offered by the District and the efforts of its staff, the discussion of matters relating to specific individuals or students is prohibited.

The Board has established a participation process concerning public interaction. Prior to the scheduled starting time of the meeting, persons wishing to address the Board shall so advise the Board President in writing on a form provided by the District. All requests to speak on agenda or non-agenda items should be made on the Request to Address Board of Education form (2370-E) and should be submitted to the District Clerk prior to the start of the meeting.

The Board will entertain comments from the public on any issue with a time limit of five (5) minutes per person and a maximum of 15 minutes per topic. Comments should be addressed to the President of the Board (not individual Board members, staff, or other persons attending the meeting) who reserves the right to limit the time of all speakers for the purpose of conducting regular Board of Education business.