Board of Education Committees

2018-2019 Board of Education Committees and Minutes

Board of Education members serve on various committees throughout the school year to address specific matters. Listed below are the working committees, committee members, and meeting minutes from the current school year. Please note that the Board of Education President is a member of all Board committees.

For questions about the school board, or if you have trouble viewing any of the PDF documents such as the committee minutes listed below, please contact District Clerk Amber Flanders at (518) 869-3576, ext. 0442.

Committee Meeting Archives

Academic Achievement

Chair: Rose Gigliello Members: Tim Ryan, Colleen Gizzi, Jamie Blot

Accountability/Board Operations

Chair: Tim Ryan Members: Neil Johanning, Rose Gigliello

Athletics/Hall of Fame

Chair: David Kiehle Members: Brian Casey, Tim Ryan


Chair: David Kiehle Members: Neil Johanning, Stephanie Cogan

District Communications

Chair: Rose Gigliello Members: Tim Ryan, Colleen Gizzi


Chair: Tim Ryan Members: Brian Casey, David Kiehle

Graduation/Hall of Fame

Chair: Brian Casey Members: Tim Ryan, Colleen Gizzi, Jamie Blot


Chair: Neil Johanning Members: Rose Gigliello, Stephanie Cogan

Strategic Planning

Chair: Neil Johanning Members: Brian Casey, Stephanie Cogan


Chair: Brian Casey Members: David Kiehle, Tim Ryan