A Message From Your School Board President

Brian Casey
Brian Casey

Dear South Colonie students, parents and community members,

On behalf of the South Colonie Board of Education, I want to thank you for electing us to serve the children and families of our school community. It is our privilege to work alongside the dedicated staff and students to make our schools the best that they can be. 

As we welcome our students back to the classroom this fall, we want you to know that we are committed to continuing to work with our families and students to provide the best educational experience possible.  We take great pride in working together to help our students reach their fullest potential.

More details about the work of the South Colonie Board of Education

The South Colonie Board of Education is made up of nine non-paid citizens who are each elected to serve five-year terms. The Board’s main responsibilities and duties are to:

    • Create a shared vision for the future of education;
    • Establish and maintain district policies;
    • Develop an annual budget for public approval;
    • Support a healthy school district culture for work and learning;
    • Build the District’s progress through continuous improvement;
    • Review courses of study and related resources; and
    • Create strategic partnerships with the community stakeholders.

Other Board of Education duties include defining the district’s mission, setting goals to achieve academic objectives, planning for future needs, and authorizing certain contracts.

Continued community partnership

In meeting these objectives, we believe that building an effective school culture stems from a positive partnership between the schools and the community at large. Our Board of Education can best represent South Colonie students, families, and community members if they are actively involved in supporting our mission, sharing feedback, and asking questions. To that end, we encourage you to attend a board meeting, our annual budget hearing, or email us at boe@scolonie.org anytime with your comments and feedback.

We look forward to a successful school year.


Brian Casey
South Colonie Board of Education President