A Glimpse of College Life: Colonie ENL Students Visit HVCC

Five Colonie High School students stand in a semi-circle with their backs to the camera. In front of them a Hudson Valley student gives a tour, speaking to the CCHS students about college. The location being described to them by the college student is the career center of the college, depicted behind the college student, labeled with a green sign above the door.
Colonie High ENL students touring Hudson Valley’s campus

Colonie English as a New Language (ENL) students recently participated in an engaging field trip to Hudson Valley Community College in November, marking an enriching experience that went beyond the classroom. The trip was led by ENL teacher Stacey Swanson, College and Career Counseling Center coordinator Kristin Mesick, and counselor Brendan DiLello. During their visit, the students actively participated in activities such as informational talks led by college representatives. These discussions shed light on the array of opportunities available on the HVCC campus, catering to students of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

The highlight of the trip was a comprehensive tour of the campus, allowing the students to immerse themselves in the college atmosphere. Students were also given the unique opportunity to connect with both the college staff and recent CCHS graduates who have chosen HVCC for their higher education journey. The interaction provided valuable insights into the vibrant and dynamic environment that the college offers.

One notable observation made by  ENL students was the diversity prevalent on the HVCC campus. “They expressed their excitement about the lively atmosphere, describing it as busy, fun, and full of life,” said Swanson. “They were amazed by how many programs piqued their interest, like nursing, business, and many others offered at the school.” 

CCHS ENL students decend the stairs on the Hudson Valley campus. The image is taken from the top of the stairs looking down upon the masses.
ENL students on the move around HVCC.

Students remained engaged and showed their excitement while learning about all the campus has to offer. “I’m so glad that they found this experience to be meaningful, and I hope it helped to take some of the intimidation factor away when it comes to considering the future and next steps after graduation,” Swanson said. “The students appreciated the availability of ENL classes, recognizing the ongoing need for language support at the college level, particularly in enhancing writing skills. This field trip to Hudson Valley Community College proved to be an eye-opening experience for our students, fostering a deeper understanding of higher education opportunities and reinforcing their aspirations for the future.”