10/16 Notification of positive COVID-19 Cases

The South Colonie Central School District learned today, Friday, Oct. 16 about the following COVID-19 case associated with the South Colonie Central School District.

    • An individual affiliated with Saddlewood Elementary.

It is important to note that this case is associated with the High School case that was reported on Saturday, October 10.

    • Update from the Transportation exposure on 10/15/2020.  Please be advised that families of students from Colonie High School, Sand Creek Middle School, and Saddlewood Elementary School may be contacted by the Department of Health within 24-48 hours if they are deemed to have been in prolonged, direct contact with the COVID-19 exposure.  This case is isolated to the bus exposure and not connected to any other confirmed new positive cases.     

The district is working closely with all related public health departments. Any students or staff members who have been deemed in prolonged, direct contact with this individual will be directly contacted by Albany County Department of Health within 24 to 48 hours to discuss how long they should self-quarantine and other health-related instructions.

Additionally, if you are not contacted by the Albany County Department of Health but would like to be tested, please visit this website to find a testing location near you or talk with your healthcare provider.

Please note that The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive.

The school district continues to follow all prevention protocols in accordance with guidelines from the New York State Health Department and CDC — this includes a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all school buildings. More health and safety information can be found in the South Colonie reopening plan.

At this time, all schools remain open for in-person instruction. Students who have been directed to self-quarantine will be provided school work to work on at home until their quarantine has ended and they are cleared to return to campus for in-person instruction. 

We will continue to work closely with all related public health departments and communicate any necessary updates. Please reach out to your building principal directly if you would like more information about health and safety procedures.

Summary of Contact Tracing Protocols

When the Albany County Public Health Department informs the district that there is a positive case, the district’s COVID Response Team meets to begin gathering all of the information for the health department to begin contact tracing protocols. This includes information like class lists, last date in school, seating charts, lunch information, recess information, wearing of masks, social distancing, amount of time spent with individuals, transportation to and from school, self-certification, and other details that lend to the most complete assessment of the situation.

The main consideration when recommending mandatory quarantine for precautionary purposes is prolonged, direct contact with a positive individual. 

This is a summary of how the process plays out:

  • A COVID positive individual is classified as Person-A – Placed under mandatory isolation by the Albany County Public Health Department and monitored daily.
  • A person in prolonged, direct contact with a COVID positive individual (person classified as Person-A) is classified as Person- B –Placed under mandatory quarantine out of an abundance of caution by the Albany County Public Health Department  Public Health Department and monitored daily.
  • A person in contact with an individual classified as Person-B is considered to be Person- C– No action recommended by the Albany County Public Health Department unless Person-B becomes symptomatic and confirmed positive.

Please add the following phone number (518) 447-4580 to your contacts. It is the number for the Albany County Public Health and may come up as spam on some phones.