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South Colonie PTA Council

PTA page photoWhat Role Does the PTA Council Play in Our School District?

Each of South Colonie’s eight schools has its own Parent-Teacher Association or PTA — each with the goal of supporting the educational program in any way it can. This support can range from hosting parent help programs and after school activities to sponsoring field trips or musical performances.

But who is there to support the school PTAs? That’s where the South Colonie District PTA Council gets involved. The PTA Council is designed to be a resource to the individual school PTAs by answering questions and sharing ideas for special events and programs.

The Council also serves as a link to the district, state and national PTAs. The PTA Council’s role is to unify PTA activities and provide a way for school PTAs to collaborate on projects that an individual PTA could not accomplish alone. In short, the Council is there to help.

Keeping its finger on the pulse of the community

Since the PTA Council is ideally situated to bring together the efforts of a number of organizations and agencies for the benefit of South Colonie school children, its members are often asked to support projects and proposals of other community groups.

Through continual contact with school administrators, Board of Education members and other organizations, agencies and community groups, the PTA Council is aware of school and community conditions that affect our children. Because of this, the PTA Council often serves as a conduit of communication with the public and is a valuable source of guidance and information. The PTA Council also sponsors school appreciation days for district staff and the annual Meet the School Board Candidates Night prior to the May elections.

How can I find out more about the PTA Council?

The South Colonie PTA Council meets on Mondays each month at the District Office, 102 Loralee Drive. The meetings begin at 7 p.m. and are overseen by our four PTA Council officers, who are elected each year from the membership that represent the individual school PTAs. The Superintendent of Schools and members of the South
Colonie Board of Education are also a part of the Council.

Each of our district’s schools is encouraged to have representation at these meetings by sending its school principal, PTA president and two school PTA representatives. For more information about the PTA Council, please contact the PTA Council President.

President Stephanie Cogan:

Vice President Heidi Dudek:

Treasurer Erica Teiper:

Secretary Tina Bailey:

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