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Shaker Road Elementary School News

Captain Murphy at the Helm of the Shaker Road Ship

Second grader Gabriella Murphy, was chosen in September for her day at the helm of the good ship, Shaker Road.

Murphy earned this honor with a great summer reading effort that ended with her being chosen in the Principal-for-a-Day sweepstakes. The former principal, Mr. Dollard, was pleased to receive more than 300 reports about summer reading books from more than 40 Shaker Road students.

Murphy has deeply held feelings about how we should treat one another at school. Her intentions were to be all throughout the building to be sure that kids are being good and treating each other the right way. She says that the Golden Rule helps us to know how to be respectful. 

She truly believes that Shaker Road or any school will be bully free if no one is ever mean to each other. “Mean people just make more mean people who then turn into bullies,” she said.

Another one of Murphy’s closely held principles is that it is very important to be a good friend. She knows that to have a friend, you must first be a friend. 

“It is much easier to be nice and friendly to people thank it is to be mean,” Murphy said.

Dressed for success in her favorite color (pink), Murphy inspired many Shaker Road students to do the right thing on this special day and every day at school. She was busy catching students being good and withstanding a withering assault of requests for more play time, more money and less work. 

Shaker Road is a better place now for having Murphy serve as school principal and we are grateful to her.