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Sand Creek Physical Education and Athletics



fun run 2011Sand Creek Middle School believes that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that assist students in their education. Accordingly, the school offers students opportunities to participate in both modified and intramural athletics across three seasons - Fall, Winter and Spring. South Colonie is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, competing as a Class A school in Section II. League affiliation is with the Suburban Scholastic Council.

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Department Philosophy/Mission Statement

The Sand Creek Middle School Physical Education program is the cornerstone of an active lifestyle for all students. The school program provides the skills, knowledge and attitudes that facilitate choosing physical activity after school, at home and in the community.

What are the benefits of Physical Education?

  • Promotes active lifestyles

  • Builds confidence to achieve success

  • Encourages students not to give up

  • Part of lifelong journey to fitness

  • Creates an environment that promotes cooperative and competitive situations

What are the expectations of students in the program?

  • Students must understand that Physical Education is a participation class

  • Students are required to come prepared for class

  • Students are expected to give their best in warm-ups, drills, and game situations

  • Students are expected to follow all safety instructions

  • Students are expected to encourage and support their classmates, the opposition, and the teacher

Sand Creek Physical Education grading system

GRADES 5 & 6 GRADES 7 & 8
20% - Following Directions 60% - Participation
20% - Participation 20% - Written Tests
20% - Tolerance/Cooperation 20% - Leadership, Skill Improvement, Effort,
Conduct, Personal Relationship, Tolerance
20% - Attitude  
20% - Skill Performance  



PE photoSchools required to keep student height and weight data (BMI)

Because New York State is interested in data about children’s health, schools are required to keep height and weight data and to calculate students’ Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a way of checking for underweight or overweight youngsters based on their height and weight. Some schools will be surveyed by the state Department of Health each year and asked to share the number of pupils they have in each of six possible BMI categories based on students’ age and sex. If our district is surveyed by the state, we will only share group data (for instance, the number of second grade boys whose BMI is below the fifth percentile), not individual data.


Fitness Testing at Sand Creek Middle School

For more than 20 years South Colonie has been administering and recording some type of fitness testing. The fitness test is an opportunity for evaluation of our student population’s physical fitness level. The six events measure muscular strength/endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, flexibility, agility and speed. As a way of explanation, the district offers South Colonie parents and students the following publications (pdf):

Understanding the Fitness Test - What Does it Measure

Helpful Tips for to Improve on the Fitness Test

Student Fitness Report (example)

Raising Heathy Children: Helpful Articles For Parents

Get Moving: Physical Education In and Out of School (pdf)

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle For Children (pdf)

Go Team! Teaching Teamwork (pdf)


Interscholastic Modified Athletic Offerings

Sand Creek Middle School offers Modified Athletics for boys and girls during three season. Schedules are made in advance and are subject to change. For the most accurate schedules go to This site includes middle school sports schedules and high school team events.

Intramural Athletic Offerings

Sand Creek Middle School offers after school Intramural Athletics for both boys and girls during four sessions throughout the school year. Late buses are provided to transport students home from these activities. These buses run a "skeletal" pattern through the neighborhoods making fewer stops which may not be as close to home as the normal bus. Teams/Activities are listed below by session and season dates. For more information and a permission slip contact the school office.

Girls Basketball (Grades 5-6) Mondays/Thursdays, September 14-October 14

Boys Basketball (Grades 5-6) Wednesdays/Fridays, September 15-October 23

Coed Tennis (Grades 5-8) Mondays/Thursdays, September 12-October 13

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