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South Colonie's Pre-School Parent Newsletter Series

Please use the links provided here to access this information. ALL of the documents here are in Adobe PDF format; if you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download one for free by clicking here.

Pre-School Parent Newsletter Series: Sowing the Seeds of Learningpreschool newsletter photo

Little Characters: How teaching positive character helps children deal with life’s                                     ups and downs - Summer, 2011

Preparing Young Children For School Success: It's Easier Than You Might Think - Spring, 2011

Learning by the Numbers: Introducing Young Children to Math - Winter, 2011

Get a Head Start on Learning with a Trip to the Library - Fall, 2010

The Power of Creative Learning - Summer, 2010

Pre-Literacy Skills: Preparing Youngsters for Success - Spring, 2010

Why Movement is Critical to Your Child's Mind and Body - Winter, 2010

Obesity is a Weighty Problem for Youngsters: Fall, 2009

Reading Builds Family Connections Now, School Success Later: Summer, 2009

Knowing What to Expect in the Classroom Goes a Long Way for Little Ones: Spring, 2009

Art Can Spark a Child's Passion for Academics: Winter, 2009

Be in Tune with Your Child's Developmental Progress: Fall, 2008

Take the 'Big and Scary' Out of Kindergarten: Summer, 2008

Who Says 'It's Not Easy Being Green?' Winter, 2008

High Tech Tots - Balancing the Role of Gadgets and Gizmos: Fall, 2007

The Many Lessons of Mealtimes: Summer, 2007

Ready! Set! School! Steps Toward School Success: Spring, 2007

Movement and Young Children - Good Old-Fashioned Play Grows Healthy Kids: Winter, 2007

Young Explorers - On the Trail of Future Learning: Fall, 2006

Speaking Their Minds: How Babies and Young Children Learn to Speak: Summer, 2006

Math and Science in the Early Years - Encouraging Inquisitive Minds: Spring, 2006

Choosing the Right Pre-School Program for You and Your Child: Winter, 2006

Fostering Independence in Young Children - Nurturing the Small Steps Toward a Lifetime of Growth: Fall, 2005