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South Colonie's High School Parent Newsletter Series


parent newsletter photoPlease use the links provided here to access this information. ALL of the documents here are in Adobe PDF format; if you do not have the Adobe Reader, you can download one for free by clicking here.

High School Parent Newsletter Series

Stand Up, Speak Out! How Your Teen’s Voice Can Change the World - Summer, 2011

The Need to READ: Why Reading in High School is Critical to Future Success - Spring, 2011

Tripped-Up Teens: The Academic Pitfalls Teens Face and How to Avoid Them - Winter, 2011

Raising Resilient Teens - Fall, 2010

The Price of Apathy - Summer, 2010

10 Things Teens and Parents Should Know About High School - Spring, 2010

Life After High School: A Closer Look at College - Winter, 2010

The Dark Side of Bullying: Fall, 2009

The Arts, School and Career Success: Summer, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now? Learning to Communicate: Spring, 2009

Choosing a Career Path and Sticking With It: Winter, 2009

Making Study Time a Priority: Fall, 2008

Teens Behind the Wheel - Staying Ahead of the Curve: Summer 2008

Drugs and Alcohol - Helping Teens Make Wise Choices: Spring, 2008

Find a Winning Combination - Juggling Academics and Extracurricular Activities: Winter, 2008

Why Some Students Cheat and How to Make Sure Your Child Isn't One of Them: Fall, 2007

Helping Teens Avoid Tech Trouble: June, 2007

The New Literacy - Why Reading and Writing Still Matter in a High Tech World: May 2007

College Admissions - A Dress Rehearsal for the Future: March, 2007

The 21st Century Workplace - What Teens and Their Families Need to Know: February, 2007

The 21st Century High School - A Laboratory for the New World: November, 2006

Picturing High School Success - Why Attendance Does Matter: September, 2006

Choosing a Life After High School - May, 2006

Risk Taking Teens - What Families Can Do to Help Stem the Tide: April, 2006

Raising Resilient Teens: March, 2006

How to Stop Your Teen From Cheating: January, 2006

Math Matters - Why Teens Need Higher Level Math Now More Than Ever: November, 2005

Becoming a Proactive High School Parent: September, 2005