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Final Averages in Aspen

Final averages can be calculated automatically based on the grades posted for previous quarters. As you're entering in 4th quarter marks you will notice a column named "FinalGrade" (Previously called "Final School Mark") with an Update button below it.  Once Q4Grade and FinalExam marks have been entered clicking this button will populate the column with the average for all 4 quarters (based on the posted grade, NOT the gradebook average) and the final exam. 

Clicking the "FinalGrade" column header will show the weights being given to each category.  For grades 7-12 it will weigh each quarter and the final exam equally.  Grades 5 and 6 have been adjusted to make the final exam worth 10% and 15%, accordingly. If no grade exists for a particular column it will not include that in the calculation.

Please note: There is a bug in the current version of Aspen which results in an error when clicking this link for certain classes. If you see the error, the weights for your class are 20% for each quarter and 20% for the Final Exam or Regents grade.  Aspen is working on a fix.

Once the FinalGrade column has been populated you may adjust the values accordingly prior to posting.

Note that you MUST click the Update button for the FinalGrade to populate.  If you enter in Q4Grade and FinalExam and post your grades without clicking the button the Final Grade will be blank. You MUST report a grade in the Final Grade column prior to posting.

If you change any Q4 or Final Exam grades you will have to click the Update button again to recalculate the average.  However, note that this will overwrite any manual changes you've made to this column so if it's a change to a single student and you've already calculated final averages you may want to manually determine the new average and type it in.

As always, any changes made to Q4Grade, FinalExam, or FinalGrade MUST be posted for the change to show up on the report card. 

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