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School Colonie Internet Use Regulations


girl at laptop computerGeneral Guidelines

Student and staff use of school computers is for school-related use only. Foreign or home software is permitted on school computers only with the express permission of the supervising adult. The district retains the right to review the contents of disks and E-mail of any users. Network etiquette, consistent with expected school behavior, should be observed, e.g., no abusive language, inappropriate behavior, or illegal activities.

Students may not misrepresent themselves or the South Colonie School District through any communication or publication via the Internet. Real time conference uses (e.g. video conferencing, use of "chat rooms," etc.) must be approved and supervised by a district-authorized adult.

Students should never give out their own or anyone else's personal identifying information such as home addresses, age, telephone number, or physical location in an E-mail message or any online communication without approval of parent and teacher. (Intra-district communication is excepted.) Please note that students' full names from district authorized publications (e.g., Rougetor, Sandscript, etc.) will appear as listed in these publications because these have been published for public review.

Students should never arrange a face-to-face meeting with the Internet user without parental permission.

Students should never respond to E-mail messages that are threatening or obscene. They should seek the supervising adult if any inappropriate messages are received.

Students should remember that on-line users may or may not be who they say they are. The anonymity of the net allows some users to cloak themselves in fictional personas.

Students may participate in only those Internet exchanges approved by school personnel. Any Internet security problems must be reported to a supervising adult and to no one else.

Use of Electronic Research Activities

All materials over the Internet should be assumed to be copyrighted for citation purposes but the South Colonie School District has no responsibility for the accuracy or the quality of information obtained through Internet services. E-mail is not confidential and messages related to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the authorities.

Use of another individual's account without permission from that individual is strictly prohibited. Student account numbers are confidential to the student and should not be revealed to other students.


Staff may access personal accounts for school-related purposes if the hardware used is not in demand by another staff or student pursuing a curriculum or school-related project.

Students may engage in electronic searches if supervised by a responsible adult. Use of on-line services should be preceded by a search plan defining the problem or study.

Prohibited Activities

Students are not allowed to promote activities against district policies or local, state, or federal laws. Prohibited use of the computers and computer services shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Subscriptions to "listservs" using school accounts without authorization

  • Hosting of "usenet" groups and "listservs" without authorization

  • Unauthorized copying of software

  • Lending or selling of software copies without express written permission from copyright holder with the exception of shareware or public domain software

  • Unauthorized downloading of information or applications onto district-owned hard drives

  • Unauthorized attempts to access passwords of others

  • Revealing student account numbers to other students

  • Unauthorized attempts to access or modify the system's programs

  • Any malicious attempt to destroy material of another user or the school district, including the uploading or creation of computer viruses

  • Harassment of others by E-mail or any other means

  • Loading of personal software or disks into the district's computers and/or network, without permission of the teacher/administrator or computer coordinator

  • Sharing of passwords without written permission from the teacher/administrator or computer coordinator, as appropriate

  • Use of computer to access data from secure areas

  • Consequences of Inappropriate Use of District Hardware and/or Software

Failure to comply with any portion of these administrative regulations will result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to:

  • Loss of school privileges including computer privileges

  • Detention

  • Suspension from school

  • Monetary restitution for damages caused

  • Other school penalties as appropriate

  • Where warranted, other civil or criminal proceedings