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Energy Educator Column

Energy Educator lightbulbPeople Make the Difference

Hey! There’s The Energy Guy, said one of the group of teachers walking out of the building I was walking into.

“My computer’s off!” said another.

As I walked the building looking for ways to save energy, I kept thinking of the “Energy Guy” comment. I have been referred to by many titles — the Energy Police, the Energy Czar, and (my all time favorite) the Prince of Darkness — to name a few. These titles couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that each and every one of you are the true energy savers:

  • The teacher who makes sure the classroom lights are off whenever the room is empty and that the classroom computer is off when not being used.

  • The custodian who uses half lighting in the halls when possible, and who makes sure hall lights are shut off as soon as the halls are empty.

  • The computer lab teacher who makes sure all the computers are shut down when the lab is not being used.

  • The principal who leads by example, not by words.

  • The food service worker who shuts off lighting when not in the kitchen and who shuts down the food service equipment over long breaks.

  • The bus driver who shuts off the lights in an empty bus bay, or mechanic who turns the thermostat down in the evening before going home.

  • The physical education teacher who makes sure gym lights are off when possible.

  • The maintenance staff that makes sure that equipment is running properly.

  • The librarian that closes the blinds before leaving for the day.

Energy conservation is simply taking care of the little things. With your efforts, we are in line to have avoided over one million dollars in energy expenses before the start of next school year. That is an average of over $250,000 in cost avoidance per year since we began this program in September of 2001.
Thank you to all of you “Energy Guys” for making this happen.