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Energy Educator Column


Energy Educator lightbulbFirst Energy Educator Column: Establishing Some Common Sense Habits

If you think about it, the school in which you work is much like your home. Both places may use electricity, heating oil or natural gas and water for comfort and safety.

Lighting, air conditioning, heating, computers and fans are examples of utility consumption equipment. Most of these devices have a conotrol switch that you operate. Therefore, you determine part of the energy where you live and work.

If you're the one who pays the utility bills for your home, you probably encourage your family to avoid wasting energy. When no one is home, the lights are out, the thermostat is set back, and computers, fans, appliances, etc., are turned off. Water leaks are made known to someone for repair. You may even adjust the hot water heater to the "vacation" setting when you leave town. And there are many other ways to save, too.

The best habits are those which effectively improve the quality of your life. Routines that conserve energy use extend the world's limited resources and save money. As you district Energy Manager, I urge you to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment by turning on only the equipment and energy sources that you absolutely need. As soon as the device is no longer needed, please turn the equipment off or turn it down.

Bring your best habits to work and the energy management program at your school or office will be effective. Money not spent on energy bills will leave more money available for instructional needs. That's something to think about.

What are the Guiding Rules of the District's Energy Program?

  • To avoid wasting utilities in order to save money that can be used for instructional needs instead

  • Not to interfere with classroom instructional program

  • To avoid heating, lighting and cooling areas that are not in use

  • To establish and practice equipment shutdown procedures for daily and holiday savings.